BET series

Smart extruded anodized aluminium towers

  • Technology : Extruded anodized aluminium

Brand new smart BET towers are robust and decreet enclosures
capable to host most of the Photoelectric Beams available in the market.
The middle screw rail allows to install beams at any height without the use of additional support plates, making the installation faster and more cost effective compare to traditional solutions.
The tower section has been design for 180° protection range, and is available in different standard heights:
150 cm, 200 cm, 250 cm, 300 cm.

Product codes & Accessories

  • BET150 - Aluminium tower with tamper and top cover - high 1,50 mt.
  • BET200 - Aluminium tower with tamper and top cover - high 2,00 mt.
  • BET250 - Aluminium tower with tamper and top cover - high 2,50 mt.
  • BET300 - Aluminium tower with tamper and top cover - high 3,00 mt.
  • BET040 - Surface basement for BET150/200/250
  • BET041 - Reinforced side bracket (for BET250/300)
  • BEA1224ALI - Built-in Power Supply (230VAC-12VDC/24VAC)
  • BET510 - Heater Resistance with Thermostat (24VDC)
Tailored size can be manufactured upon request.


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