IP Native IR beam barriers for wall-mounting applications

  • Technology : Bi-directional and optical synchronized IR Beams with optional sensor cable
  • Range : up to 200m per zone
  • Alarm OUT: TCP/IP, GENETEC, Modbus TCP or Contact Relay (alarm/tamper)
  • Applications: Industrial, Governmental, Military

SICURIT recent attention has been focused on defining a standard for properly secure sites surrounded by concrete walls that contrary to metal fences can’t be secured with typical fence mounted sensors or sensor cables as concrete walls, when climbed over, don’t provide the electro-mechanical vibration necessary to evaluate a possible intrusion. With Avantgarde-WM™, a fence on top of walls will be created “virtually”, by means of IR Beam barriers tailored for this application (1m or 1.5m high columns equipped with 2 or 3 patented bi-directional IR beam modules).avantgarde-wm ir beam barrier for wall mounting applications


Without any additional interface, Avantgarde-WM™ Infrared Beam barriers can be easily integrated into existing or new IP backbone networks and virtually in any location. Advantages of IP network solutions include remote accessibility for system maintenance and diagnostics, easy connections, better scalability, flexibility and enhanced installation cost-effectiveness.


In order to increase overall site security degree, especially in remote sites, Avantgarde WM can be optionally equipped with SICURIT Wallguard sensor technology which, mounted on the wall (or drown in it, ed.) along the barrier-protected zone, will detect intrusions performed breaking through the wall. Additionally, anti-climbing top covers will prevent from climbing over column itself.


Research and Development is in our DNA. We do not limit ourselves to improve, if possible we innovate. One of SICURIT main innovation has been the bi-directional Infrared Beam technology (Patent Nr. 1377353) whose physical peculiarity is to host in each IR Beam head both Transmitting (3xTX) and Receiving (3xRX) Optics. Avantgarde-WM™ is equipped with SICURIT last generation of bi-directional Infrared Beam technology which introduce, beside the complete immunity to sunlight, especially when this has an angle of incidence that affects directly the Receiving Optics, a critical issue that in conventional Infrared Beam barriers usually lead to high amounts of false alarms, the liability to define barrier crossing direction (TDA – Target Direction Analysis). Multiplexed and optically synchronized with a random codes built-in generator, Avantgarde-WM™ bi-directional Infrared Beam technology is also impossible to overcome making use of other Infrared beam sources and is consequently tamper proof.


Our mission started in 1971 with the purpose to offer the most effective security solutions technologically available.

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An extremely flexible security monitoring and control system which can collect up to 3072 Inputs through RS-485 or IP communication.

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