Protection for valuable objects on exhibition

  • Technology : Load cell
  • Alarm OUT: Contact Realy
  • Applications: Art galleries, Museums, Private collections

The Michelangelo sensor has been devised to protect valuable objects on exhibition in museums, castel or private places to which the public has free access. The sensor gives continuous protection (24 hours a day) to objects by continuously monitoring their masses. It is particularly suitable for statuettes, vases, precious stones, etc. Michelangelo triggers an alarm when the object is touched, moved or removed. The functioning principle of the sensor is as follows: the initial weight of the object is measured and memorised, any successive increase or decrease of the mass will trigger the alarm.
The sensitivity of the sensor is independent of the weight of the object, any jerks or nudges to the base of the sensor do not trigger false alarms. The sensor has 6 output sockets with a small 6 pole flat cable:
2 for the power supply, 2 for relay output and 2 for tamper output.

 Michelangelo application

  • Extremely reliable 24 hours protection for works of art
  • The work of art need only to be touched to trigger the alarm: total protection, therefore, both against theft and acts of vandalism
  • Nothing is attached to the work of art
  • Maximum flexibility for all types of exhibition
SPZ100 MICHELANGELO for objects up to 5 kg
SPZ110 MICHELANGELO for objects up to 20 kg
SPZ120 MICHELANGELO for objects up to 100 kg
SPZ105BA MICHELANGELO low power consumption for radio connections


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An extremely flexible security monitoring and control system which can collect up to 3072 Inputs through RS-485 or IP communication.

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