Integrated PIDS solution at Nikola Tesla Airport

PIDS - SICURIT protect Belgrade Airport

Nikola Tesla Airport is an international airport serving Belgrade, Serbia and is the second fastes growing major airport in Europe. Previously known as Belgrade or Surčin Airport, it was renamed in 2006 in honor of scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla.

It is the largest and busiest airport in Serbia, situated 18 km (11 mi) west of downtown Belgrade near the suburb of Sourcin, surrounded by Syrmia’s fertile lowlands. The flag carrier and largest airline of Serbia, Air Serbia, uses Belgrade Nikola Tesla as their hub. It is also one of the operating bases for low cost airline Wizz Air.

The air taxi services Air Pink and Prince Aviation also call the airport their home. The airport is operated by the state-owned company "Aerodrom Nikola Tesla Beograd". As part of Airport modernization, SICURIT has been contracted by Macchina Group to supply 60 set of Dual Technology barriers ABSOLUTE and a number of Fence-mounted sensor cable SICURFLEX for the protection of the entire perimeter.

The choice fell on SICURIT Perimeter Protection Systems because has been able to adapt its solution to specific client requirements; As a matter of fact, one of main prerogative for the first layer was a cost-effective fence-mounted solution that, in case of vandalism attack would have been easily repaired or replaced while a more advanced solution has been selected as a second layer of detection next to the fence. The choice of using Dual Technology barrier as a second layer of detection has been driven by Serbian severe climate with hot, humid summers along with well distributed rainfall patterns and heavy snowfall in winter, all critical factors that only Dual Technology barriers are able to withstand.

Pars Special Energy Economy Zone, IRAN


Power plants, distribution grids and substations are among the most vital sites for every country. Security systems to be installed in such sites are certified based on severe technical test and confirmation procedures. Ministry of Petroleum of the Islamic Republic of Iran has certified SICURIT Perimeter Protection Systems for oil/gas/petrochemical plants. Sicurit’s Iranian partner, Shar Noor Ltd, was awarded the contract for the design, procurement and installation of perimeter protection system at National Iranian Oil Company(NIOC)’s South Pars mega-project, located within Pars Special Energy Economy Zone in Assaloyeh, Bushehr Province, Iran


SICURFLEX Vibro Sensor Cable protects the surrounding barbed wires of the site, split into several security zones. Several FLCEN Evaluating Units analyze and report security breaches to Sicurit HYPERPOWER-Lite Security and Event Management System in the Control Room. Further hardware integration in the Control Room has been done with the matrix switcher and DVR through relay modules in order to preset and track unauthorized intrusions with existing Speed Domes. Thus every intrusion effort stimulates HYPERPOWER-Lite and, will consequently pop-up live streaming video onto operator’s CCTV monitor to confirm perimeter security breaches. All zones are monitored by PTZ video surveillance cameras.

Protection of the Independence Palace in Minsk


Independence Palace (Belarusian: Палац Незалежнасцi) is palaced in Minsk, located on the Pieramožcaŭ Avenue, near the exhibition center "BelExpo" and the State Flag Square, not far from Victory Park. The purpose of the Palace of Independence is to host important and landmark events, and meetings of foreign delegations.

Structure and Layout

The total area of the Palace of Independence is around 50,000 square meters, and includes several hundred rooms.

Recent Events

The first official events in the palace were the meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council at the level of heads of state, and the meeting of the Council of CIS heads of state. The meeting on Ukraine crisis between presidents of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and representatives of the EU was held at the Palace.

Hyperpower Online Training Program


We recognize that alongside quality products our customer need to be properly skilled in order to supply, commission and maintain state-of-the-art security systems to their clients. Thanks to nowadays communication technologies this process can be simplified through remote online “one by one” training sessions focused on specific system/project requirements.

Mandatory Tools:

  • Skype connection
  • Remote Desktop Manager SW (Ammy Admin, Teamviewer, etc.)
  • HyperPower (CMHP8) or HyperPower

Case History: Abuja, Nigeria

Sicurit Dual Technology Barriers to improve the security at Federal Ministry of Finance in Abuja, Nigeria.

nigeriaSicurit thanks his Nigerian partner ActiTech for having awarded the contract for the procurement and installation of perimeter protection system at Nigerian Federal Ministry of Finance (FMF) in Abuja, capital city of main African economy-driven countries Nigeria.

Long range Digital Dual Technology Barriers ABSOLUTE Plus, interconnected through RS485 and monitored with Sicurit HYPERPOWER Security and Event Management system, are in a final installation stage at FMF.

All barriers has been equipped with Built-in hidden cameras connected to an internal IP encoder that will pop-up live streaming video into HYPERPOWER to confirm perimeter breaches.

nigeria installationFurther hardware integration in the C&C Center has been done through SICURIT programmable O.C. CMH8OUT modules in order to preset and consequently track eventual unauthorized intrusions with existent American Dynamics IP Speed Domes.

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