RS485/TCP-IP Interface board for networking up to 8 MESDAVE-RS

  • Alarm OUT: RS232 and IP

Alarm information of each individual detection sensor can be displayed on SICURIT Alarm and Event Management Platform HyperPower™ via ethernet connection through CMH9000PER (or new CMH9000PERFW2) network controllers. CMH9000PER controller is used to centralize PERIDECT as well as third party contact-closure auxiliary security devices through LAN/WAN using standard TCP/IP protocol or MODBUS TCP protocol. CMH9000PER is equipped with 1 RS232 port (used to connect Peridect Evaluation unit) 1 RS485 port (used to connect HyperPower™ peripherals), 1 LAN Ethernet port, 4 Input and 4 Output which allow extreme system architecture and integration flexibility. With brand new CMH9000PERFW2 up to 99 Peridect Evalution units, either locally or remotely, can be connected into 1 single HyperPower™ platform.


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An extremely flexible security monitoring and control system which can collect up to 3072 Inputs through RS-485 or IP communication.

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